“Delicate” By: Scott Quinn (New Song)


Scott Quinn, the 22-year-old music producer from Harrogate, England, sings with a message on his most recent single titled “Delicate.” Lyrically, the song is about the miasma in the world where we work our days away and no longer find the time to “live”, sacrificing things, like family and friends, and passion, for work.

“When you drew your last breath was there someone there beside you”

 The lyrics are thought provoking and they challenge the side of society that is increasingly overworked.

“Delicate” is rich with the sound of Quinn’s chilly and breathy voice. It is soothing while also being haunting in a way that is reminiscent of James Blake. The vocals are strong, the production is clean and lush, and the message that comes out of the song is a positive one.

“Delicate” is the first single that Quinn has released since his debut album “Lust Game” which came out in February.

Listen to “Delicate” by: Scott Quinn here

This article was published @ http://www.thenu.world/single-post/2016/10/31/SCOTT-QUINN-REMINDS-US-WERE-DELICATE


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