“Child’s Play” by: 8 Track (Review)

382ce3_1d50dff536d44c2bb05ebd7d9f523002-mv2_d_2048_1404_s_2Check out the new genre-jumping band from DC, 8 Track’s most recent single “Child’s Play”! The song is a coming of age story. It highlights the need for finding one’s purpose and coming to terms with the cards that we are dealt in life. The song as a whole is easy on the ears with a collection of voices layered upon one another; however the message it relays is quite profound as the group members set out to reflect on some of life’s greatest struggles, such as health and livelihood.

Jake, Darius, J Rob, and Recinotes are the integral pieces working together to form 8 Track. The musical group is fairly new and unknown, with only two songs posted to their Soundcloud page so far. Although the song “Child’s Play” quite obviously falls into the category of hip-hop/rap, their other single, “Not the One”, totally lies somewhere in the genre of alternative rock. This polarity and range that exists in their work certainly shows the group’s potential for dimension and successful diversity. A first studio album titled, Rewind is currently in the works by the group, and with the musical pieces that are presently at our ears’ disposal, it is intriguing to wonder what 8 Track have in store for the remainder of their upcoming album.

This article was published @ http://www.thenu.world/single-post/2016/10/13/8-TRACK-BRINGS-REFRESHING-CHILDS-PLAY

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