“A Beautiful Mystery” by: Katie Costello (Review)

2010103004_0obf46Katie Costello brings to life the inner rebel that we all have inside of us. She was born and raised in Southern California and quickly felt the suffocation of the “mundane” produced by living in suburbia. Ergo – in tune with her “rebel pop singer songwriter persona” – Costello moved to New York to pursue her dreams of a possibly flourishing and enlightened musical career at only the age of 17!

Throughout her years performing, composing, and producing she has created a pretty extensive catalogue of awesome music. Her discography includes two full-length albums: Kaleidoscope Machine (2008) and, Lamplight (2011.) Her most recent release is an EP titled “From the Vault”, which is comprised of five original songs including “A Beautiful Mystery.”

 On her website, she tells the audience of her mantra of “classic song writing, authentic musicality featuring piano and guitar, raw emotion, and honest lyrics” which can all be found in the new single! Costello’s voice is raw, raspy, and at the same time crisp, beautiful, and crystal clear. Her music if a breath of fresh air and she is utterly true to herself in her lyrics. “Live young and free… This world can be a beautiful mystery,” reminds us all that life is fleeting and our curiosity should meet no bounds.

Costello encourages you to “go on, take a picture of her heart” in her new single “A Beautiful Mystery”

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