“Satellite” by: Arkivist (Review)


The song, Satellite by Arkivist opens up with a catchy cohesion of guitar and drums, which help to guide the lyrics up to their point of climax at the chorus. A crashing of symbols makes the track come alive, and a thickness is produced by the layering of voices of the members of Arkivist. The track exposes the feelings of confusion and delusion that so often come in the face of losing someone. You can sense the desperation, and the eventual discovery that it might be too late.

Arkivist is a brand new band stemming from Portland, Oregon. Their first show was played on September 8th of this year at The Satellite in Los Angeles, California and it comprised of eight original songs, including Satellite featured below. The band has two more shows scheduled before the end of the month, all in the California area.

This article was published @ http://www.thenu.world/single-post/2016/09/18/ARKIVIST—SATELLITE

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