“Deja Vu” by: Post Malone ft. Justin Bieber (Review)

malone-deja.jpgOn Thursday, September 8th, Post Malone dropped a dreamy duet titled “Deja Vu” which features his tour mate, Justin Bieber. The light and fluffy track is full of breathy lyrics sung by Malone, where he describes a rendezvous between him and a lady friend. With Bieber’s gentle hook adding a charming sweetness to the already chilled out, relaxed beat, the new tune is ready for the radio.

The song is said to be a part of Malone’s upcoming debut album “Stoney”, which was supposed to drop on August 26th. Soon after the expected release date, Malone took to Instagram to apologize to fans for the album’s delay, saying “Due to a couple of different issues, my album couldn’t be finishing on the date I promised. I’m disappointed in myself and my whole team.”

 As we continue to wait for Post Malone’s new album, Deja Vu offers us a glimpse of the larger body of work that will hopefully be soon to arrive!

 Listen to Deja Vu below.

This article was published @ http://www.thenu.world/single-post/2016/09/09/POST-MALONE-JUSTIN-BIEBER-JOIN-FORCES-FOR-DEJA-VU


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